Top 5 Halloween T-Shirts 2017

Top 5 Halloween T-Shirts 2017

Hi Everyone!

So its That time of the year again were we starting thinking about Halloween.. and of course what is Halloween without a Halloween themed tee! So Today, I am going to show you 5 Of My Top Halloween Tees From Our Halloween Collection!

Let Us Know Which Ones You Love and Dont Forget To Check Out The Full Halloween Collection Here!

 T-Shirt One- The Amazing Spiderman!

Halloween is all about cobwebs and spiders so spider man is defiantly a Halloween NEED! Everyone has at least dreamed about dressing up like spider man and saving the world by cobwebs! With This T Shirt, You can get the perfect spider man kick that everyone wants this Halloween!

T-Shirt Two-American Horror Story!

American Horror Story Is Sure a Gory and Scary Programme. The T shirt its self is American Horror Story Asylum, Which is Argued To be one of the scariest and i agree! Get Your Fright On This Halloween and Rock Our Asylum Tees!

 T-Shirt Three-The Walking Dead

Halloween Is Not Halloween without lots of blood and zombies! Not only is The Walking Dead Full Of Both, Its Also an amazing series! Dont Forget Your Zombie Tee This Halloween and be readyy!

T-Shirt 4- Suicide Squad!

Its Only Right You get the squad out this Halloween With her feisty personality and cool look everyone wants to be Harley Quinn This Year! This Tee Is The Perfect Way To Be Just Like Her!

T-Shirt 5.

Last and Defiantly Not Least, Halloween isn't Halloween Without the legend himself.. Batman! He is a true legend and everyone wishes they could wear a cape like Batman! This Batman Tee Is Particularly my favourite because it fits the Halloween spectrum totally! It has the coolest demon on it and of course.. Batman. Defiantly a batman fans NEED!

  • Alice Cranfield
AllStarsHeroes ShowBiz News.

AllStarsHeroes ShowBiz News.

  • Alice Cranfield
The Wearing Of Cool Band Tees! #BandTeeDebate

The Wearing Of Cool Band Tees! #BandTeeDebate

#BandTeeDebate Can You Wear a band t-shirt without really knowing the band or even a song? Let Us Know!

One Thing which makes my eyebrows raise just a little bit, is when your shopping in a regular clothing store and hung up is a shirt which is completely rock n roll! 

After that encounter, I noticed them everywhere and that's when i heard about the big debate between two opposing groups. On the one side, we have the group who love the new band tee debate and love to follow the new trends. Then you have the other side, where we get the devoted music fans. The ones who know every word to every song, who sing it at the top of their lungs and often find a sense of outrage at the fact rock and roll is in some cases being used as a fashion accessory.

Types of Band Shirts.

There are a wide range of band shirts. Lets have a look at some of them!

1. The Album Cover.

This one is quite easy to explain. Its the album cover on a t shirt. Even if someone dosent known Iron Maiden they would probably still recognise this image.Iron Maiden's Seventh son of a seventh son is that iconic that even if your not a heavy rocker you will still know the album its self. 

This Iconic T-shirt is from American Band Aerosmith features the cover from their 11th album Get A Grip.

The Portrait

More Typical for pop stars then rock bands themselves. The Band often features a portrait or a full-body shot of the front man or entire band.

This The Who T-shirt features front man Roger Daltery during a live performance. A Nice Break from the usual posed photo shoot picture.


The Tour Souvenir.

King of souvenirs, the tour t shirt is the t-shirt that's created to be sold during a concert tour. Usually Overpriced, They often feature the concert dates on the back.

This AC/DC T-shirt is your typical concert tour souvenir Garment. The Tee Has that Typical tour image on it!.

The Logo T-Shirt

As I mentioned in the past,when bands get to a certain point in fame, bands often become their own brand, with logos and slogans becoming popular.  The T-shirt is just that and with feature the bands logo, either graphical or through the use of a icon which may of been chosen to represent them.

This AC/DC T-shirt is as classic as classic can be. With it being one of the most popular band tees EVER, It sits in most rock fans' Wardrobes.

The One that started the trend. The Ramones T-shirt is seen less as a conversation about how bland culture has actually become and more about how good design can transcend a barrier.

The Band Mascot

A Mascot is a virtual spokesperson for the band or group. They're Sometimes belived to bring luck and give a face to the band.In Music, heavy metal bands have history with there mascots. 

Eddie the Head is the famous  mascot from heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The Zombie like characther has been featured on all of the band's album covers, countless merchandise and is about to star in his own video game (HOW COOL)

Snaggletooth is the name which is given to this British band. Even Though it looks like a floating head, it inspires fear and respect.

Reactions To the Band T-Shirt Quibble

So Many People have a strong opinions on wearing band tees. Theres been Facebook pages created around it, 'People who wear t-shirts of bands and dont know who the band is suck'. The page was only active for a year, but if you want a giggle go over and check it out.. it is pretty amusing.

So the question we ask is..

Do You Have To Know The Band To Wear Their Shirt.

Back in the good old days, you would often bump into someone wearing a concert T-shirt and it would actually mean they went. If you see someone in a Ramones Tee, chances are that the person knows all the lyrics to the bands songs but when asked 'what is your favourite' Song they would mention something obscure.

Those who stand up against the trend, often say that culture has become a bit bland. People no longer stand for anything and will typically wear anything as long as its 'seen cool' or 'Trending'. They Belive it got less to do with what people believe in and so shops which are much more mainstream, such as primark or zara have jumped on the bandwagon and made them much more popular.

But it dosent answer the question,dose not being a fan mean you cant wear a t-shirt with the logo on even if you love it.


So what do you think? Should you wear a band tee if you do not know who they are? Let  us know!

Femme Power!

Femme Power!

Hi Everybody!

So girls rules the world right? We Have a wide range of Girl power t-shirts! I did some research into the 3 woman Super Heroes! We Have lots of information on Wonder Woman,Super Girl and Bat Girl!

Let us know which one is your favourite!

Tee 1-Wonder woman

So Wonder Woman is a fictional hero who was published by DC Comics. She is the Goddess and ambassador at large of the amazonian people. She got her first appearance in the comic #8 in 1941 and got her very first cover in 1942. She then became her own comic book star in 1968 and has had her own ever since.

Wonder woman's story is that she was sculpted out of clay by her mother and given live by Aphrodite. In 2016, She was given an UN (United Nations) Honary ambassador for the empowerment of woman and girls. She did however, lose her job 2 months after receiving it due to a protest. People protested that it was not fair she should be a UN ambassador with her over sexuilised image.


The Two New Wonder Woman Tees.

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💥Tee 2-


There are several different version of super girl in the american comic books published by DC. The Original being Kara Zor-El who was created to be the female counterpart of superman! 

She Did come a bit later then the other two however,with her first appearance being in Action Comic #252 in 1959.  In 1969 She got her own comic book and later started in eponymous comic book series which debuted in 1972.

However, super girl was one of the few who actually got killed off. In 1985 she was killed due to a policy change at DC Comics. After her first Appearance, DC Later branched out into animation,Film and TV. She was placed 94th Overall on IGNS List of Top 100 Heroes and 17th On IGNS Top 25 DC Comics.

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Bat girl, Like super girl has several different names and is the female counterpart for batman. She was Introduced in 1961 but didn't officially get 'Bat girl' until 1967.

She Debuted in 1967 in the comic book Detective Comics. Bat Girl was the start of questioning when it came to woman in comic books,which often brings the discussion with the violence towards women. 

In 2000, She had her own book and becoming extremely popular, becoming the most predominant Hero of Asian descent. Her Series was cancelled in 2006 and has been quite ever since.

Batgirls T Shirts Landed in the ASH HQ!👉

Femme Power Tee!

We also Have the cutest tee in! If Your like me and cant decide which is your favourite super hero, weather it be Wonder woman,Super Girl,Bat Girl Don't Panic! Femme Power Tees Have Arrived with all your Favourite Female Characters on!

Femme Power Tees In The ASH HQ!👉🏻

Let Us Know Which one you think is SUPER!!💥

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Black Sabbath-New Band T Shirts.

Black Sabbath-New Band T Shirts.

Hi Everyone,

So we have a wide range of new Black Sabbath Band Tees  Landed in the ASH HQ. I Decided to do a bit of research on the music and i must admit it was really interesting to read. I knew a bit about Black Sabbath anyway with being a huge fan of there music, but i didn't know just how interesting it was learning about the history of the band!

Let us know what your favourite T Shirt is!

Tee 1-Never Say Die (Studio Album)

The Album itself was released on the 28th September 1978 and it would be the final album with Osborne on vocals.  In an Effort to be progressive and innovative, they brought in horns,piano and clean guitars. Ozzy Osbourne acutely left the band half away through the recording of the album, causing there to be a huge deal and create a wide range of issues for the band. 

The Band believed that osbourne would come back a few days after and so waited 2 weeks before not hearing from him. They then hired Dave Walker (Fleatwood Mac and Savoy Brown) to sing and write for the album. 

In the end however, Osborne rejoined the band again to record on  the rest of the album. He did however,refuse to sing any songs which Dave Walker had wrote and wanted to start the album process from scratch. 

The Album its self was behind, with the band having to take another 3 months off for Osborne who was grieving the loss of his father. Ozzy Originally wanted 6 months off, but the band where that far behind they decided to carry on and even used Billy Ward (The Bands Drummer) on Vocals.

The Album dose not receive the best criticism with many saying that the album lacks compassion and aggression. However the album was defended by Billy Ward who said the album was adventurous.

The Album went gold in November 1997 after 19 years but it is known as one of the less sucessful albums. It is also a historic one with it being the last in the Ozzy era!

Black Sabbath Never Say Die Studio Album Tee.

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Tee 2- The End(Tour Tee)

The End Tour was the farewell tour for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath Featuring the founding members Ozzy Osbourne,Tony Lommi and Geezer Butler.

The Tour its self concluded 40 years plus of the Sabbaths pure legendary career. The Bands final show in which they performed together was on the 4th February and was played in the bands hometown Brimgham.

The Last ever show was streamed live on Facebook with Ozzy Osbourne admitting that it would be the last ever time they perform despite there farewell tour in 1992 'Final Solo Tour'. Since that, Black Sabbath Played the final tour in choosen cinemas for one night only where fans can get behind the scenes gossip!

Blacksabbath The End (Tour Tee)

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Tee shirt 3-Never Say Die (Tour)

The Tour Followed the album Never Say Die,It Began in may 1978 in Sheffield and was the last finial full tour with Ozzy Osbourne until the Ozzy Fest in 1997.

It Was The First Concert in which the band realised they needed to change there sound in order to survive as the music was changing with Van Halen coming into fashion.

The concert was a sucess however, apart from nearer the end of the show when Ozzy Osborne missed one show on the tour after passing out in the wrong hotel room...Oops. 

He Did however,make it up by going back and performing again. 

Black Sabbath-Never Say Die (Tour Tee)

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AllStarsHeroes Showbiz News

AllStarsHeroes Showbiz News

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to today's showbiz news,This week have lots of music news with some exciting fun things coming out! We have news on Black Sabbath, The Foo figthers and the rolling stones!

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath have documented their final concert in a documentary 'The End of the end'. The film its self will be screened over 1,500 cinemas worldwide on the 29th September for a one-night Only Show!

'The End of the End' Documents the metal icons last gig a sold out town performance on the 4th February in Birmingham. It includes the show its self as well as the behind the scenes banter and intimate personal anecdote.

Although Ozzy Osborne Expressed some remorse that black Sabbath said goodbye without founding drummer Bill Ward- However he did say that he was 'Happy to end it on a up note'.

Tickets for the Film are on sale now and you can request a screening on the bands website! Its not one to be missed!


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The Foo Fighters.

The Foo-Fighters Have Been Extremely busy These Past Few Weeks, with a new Single,Getting ready for a new album,and probably the most exciting a pop up pub (Names The Foo-Fighters Arms Of Coruse). The Pub Will allow fans to get their hands on exclusive Merchandise and try a varitey of beer based around the new album. 

The Arms itself has neoclassical portraits of the band as well as tv screens showing some of the bands most recognisable videos. The Bands Name is also up in Neon Lights behind the bar for all of there fans to see.

The Pub Also offers a wide range of exclusie merchandise, including  a teapot signed by the band themselves, it will however set you back £250 so not the cheapest of things to add to your collection!

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And Finally...

Thirty Seconds To Mars-Prince,David Bowie Etc Tribute.

Finally, Thirty Seconds To Mars Were in Radio Ones Live Lounge on the 7th September and Were Totally Awesome!

The Performed a tribute to several icons such as Bowie,Prince,George Micheal and Linkin Park. Making one big tribute song the band sang Heroes,Purple Rain,Freedom and Crawling.

They Performed this to celebrate 50 Years of the radio one live lounge by creating the tribute performance to several Rock N Roll Icons.

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And Thats All we have time for today! I hoped you guys enjoyed the weekly news! Let us know what new you have and we will see you next week!

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