TV T Shirt Gift Guide

TV T Shirt Gift Guide

Do You Know Someone Crazy About TV? Have A Favourite TV Show? Why Not Get Them The Perfect T Shirt This Christmas and Let Them Rock Around In It!

We Have A Wide Range Of TV T Shirts Such as Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story and Many More!

Look Good In The Map Of Westeros From The Number One Hit Tv Show Game Of Thrones!

Fear The Walking Dead and Look Epic In Our Zombie Walking Dead Tees!

Be Wild In Our Men Of Mayhem Sons Of Anarchy Tees!

This Is Just a Few Of Our TV Shows! We have a wide range of many more!

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Justice League Christmas Gift Guide!

Justice League Christmas Gift Guide!

The Justice League Film Was Released On Friday And What A Film It is, with it being applauded in the cinema on the day of release it is certainly not one to be missed!

DC Fans Out There Will Be Gleaming With Just How Well The Film Went, With Only 34 Days To Go Til Christmas, Why Not Check Out Our Justice League Official Merchandise And Make Someones Christmas!

Rock Out With The Whole League This Christmas With The Character Tee!

Keep Wrapped Up This Winter With Our Black Symbol Long Sleeve T Shirt!

Rock The Official Logo Tee and Be Apart Of The Squad!

Rock Some Gold In Your Life With The Justice League Logo Tee!

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Black Friday Week Returns!

Black Friday Week Returns!

All Stars Heroes have started BLACK FRIDAY early this Year!

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Offer ends Midnight on Sunday! Everyone has a Hero, find your hero with the merchandise available at All Stars Heroes. Whether your rockin' it out with ACDC, Iron Maiden or Rolling Stones or you just love comic heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Deadpool. Dont Forget To Get Your Christmas Jumper This Year!

Find the perfect Christmas gifts too with 20% OFF this week.

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Wear Your Old Band Tee To Work Day Returns!

Wear Your Old Band Tee To Work Day Returns!

BBC Radio 6 Are Back At It Again With There Wear Your Old Band Tee To Work Day!

The Trend Started Last Year And With Such A Large Amount Of People Joining In They Are Back At It Again! 

The Aim Behind The Trend Is That Radio 6 Will Play the bands you love enough to wear! So Get Your Band Tee On and send them an image of you in your band t-shirt and they will play your band from anytime between 7am-7pm on Friday.

Dont Forget To Get Your Band Tee From AllStarsHeroes! 

Check Out Some Of Our Favourites Down Below and Check The Collection Out!

David Bowie 1975 World Tour



Iron Maiden!


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Five Ways In Which The New IT Films Differs From The Old One!

Five Ways In Which The New IT Films Differs From The Old One!

The Original Stephen king IT was Created in 1986 and was a film which definitely left a mark on your child hood!

Andy Muschietti Achieved one of the most faithful King adaptions to date..By Simplying Spilting the Enormous Book in to two!

We Still have to wait for the second part of the book and im hoping its not a long wait after all the first movie smashed box office records!

We can however nit pick at the film as there are some obvious changes to the new film! If the manifestation of your worst childhood fear is a blog full of major plot spoilers, welcome to your nightmare.

1. The Time Frame

To Keep The Movie Relevant the entire time frame of the story has been shifted forward. In The Book the adult Losers Club return to Derry to battle It in the early 1980s and face the creature as children in the late 1950s. In the new adaptation, the children come together in the 80's, putting their adult reunion 27 years later towards the end of the 00's. 

2. The Werewolf.

In the book, the children have encounters with IT In the form of their darkest fears-mummies,creatures from black lagoons,werewolves and other such classic movie monsters that kids growing up in 1957 might be terrified of. With the shift in the era these visitations make less sense, so they got chopped out!

3.Henry's 'Death'

In the novel,brooding bully Henry plays a major role in the adult-era narrative, which well see in It 2.  *SPOILER ALERT* The new film however,he appears to perish in the final fight,meaning that he cant get blamed for the murders and locked away for the sequel. Or is not all as it seems.

4. The Slingshot

King Envisioned the kids firing silver 'Bullets' from sling shots at the titular git-beast,but by transposing Mike's backstory to his grandfather's farm, Muschietti opens up the option to swap the playground bully's weapon of choice for a farming bolt gun.

5. Princess peach

Surviving the violent abuse at the hands of her father, book Bev is a ballsy character, who is ready to pile into the fight alongside the rest of Losers Club. Not so in 2017- shes snatched away by Penny wise and the boys have got to go and rescue her.


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6 Things That Back To The Future Which Still Hasn't Happend In 2017!

6 Things That Back To The Future Which Still Hasn't Happend In 2017!

Staring Micheal J Fox as Marty Mcfly, The Back To The Future Franchasie has to be the 20th Centuries Most Iconic Film. With a Swarm of Fans, All With there own story to tell on just how much Back To Future has changed there life, it shows just how big the film is.

The Film Predicted alot in 2015, with just how big the future really was going to be. Its Now 2017, so what are we still missing from the film?

Let Take a look at the 7 Things Which Still Havent Happend yet:

1. The Hoverboard.

Lets be Honest, Everybody Has Wanted To Have A Go on THAT Hoverboard. How many kids wanted on when they saw Marty Flying around? Regardless what year you watched the film, You All Wanted on. Well fast forward and you can (sort of) now get one, with a bit of a limitation,Hendo Hover.. although you cant go down to toy r us and buy it just yet.

Hendo hoverboard (photo credit: Hendo)


2.3-D Movies (Jaws 19)

So 3D Movies are now very common,However In Back To The Future 2, we saw jaws 19 to look forward to. 

However, as of yet we have no new Jaws film.. But we did get a trailer for Jaws 19 to make the occasion of October 21st 2015! 

So to the Jaw Producers out that.. Please make jaws 19 a thing! Its definitely 2 years late!

Image result for jaws 19

3.Pepsi Perfect.

The Drink That Marty Choice in 2015, Soft Drink Manufacturer Pepsi turned Perfect Pepsi into a reality to mark the special anniversary in 2015 but that was a one off.

You cant buy Pepsi Perfect as a everyday drink now, and to be honest, we wish we could! Come On Pepsi.. its 2017 now! 

Image result for pepsi perfect

4. Flying Cars

Dont you wish it would be awesome to jump into your car and instead of driving, you fly it!  But Have you seen any flying cars parking up? No, Neither have we! 

Flying cars might have been a park of everyday life in Back to the future 2 and companies are working on making it an affordable and practical reality.. it might take a while.

It seems we could be waiting a while to see them a common sight in the skies.

Flying car (photo credit:

5. No Smartphones.

One Of The Big 'Misses' In Terms of predictions of the movie appears to the absence of a single smartphone and the connected work to the internet. The Film appears to show Skype-like video chat albeit Via TV.

Of course the internet is big now and is used for pretty much EVERYTHING!

iphone6 collage

6. Time Travel.

We Cant Go Back to the day before and change our embarrassing mistakes yet! Although if you do believe some people with already have it licked!

Lets Hope someone has a scientific Break through!

Clock (photo credit:

So Thats Everything Which Hasnt Happend Yet on 21st October 2017! Being 2 years in the future, we hope we can tick some boxes! 

Celerbate Back To The Future Day In Style and take a look at our Back To The Future Collection Here!

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